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Zinio Information

Zinio is an online magazine service that allows you to view full digital copies of your favorite magazines! You see the exact same material you get in print‚ plus some issues include features like video, audio and live links. Magazine issues are not checked out so they're always available any time. Read online or download issues to your computer or mobile device to read offline. You must have a current Burlington Public Library card to use this collection. 

 Using Zinio

The library currently subscribes to 27 titles listed below:

Audubon Magazine              
Canoe & Kayak                      
Car & Driver
Country Gardens
Cruising World                     
Digital Photo                        
Earth Magazine
ESPN Magazine                    
Food Network                      
Girls Life
iPhone Life                            
Men's Fitness                                   
National Geo Interactive   
Organic Gardening               
Outdoor Photographer       
PC Mag digital ed                 
Parenting Early years          
parenting School Years       
Rolling Stone                        
Runner's World                    
Scholastic Parent & Child  
Vegetarian Times                 
Woman's Health

You will need: 

To use Zinio, you must have a current Burlington library card in good standing, an email address and an internet-based device on which to read the magazine. You access Zinio from the Online Resources and Database page on the library's website.

Zinio is easy to use. You will need 2 accounts. The first account, the library's Zinio account, gives you access to the magazine titles for which the library has paid a subscription; the second account is your personal Zinio account, which enables you to read and manage issues of the magazines you have chosen from the library's list. 

Getting Started With Zinio - First Time Users:

  1. Create an account at the Library's Zinio site. This is where you will select your magazines. 
    -Connect to the Burlington Library's Zinio site using your browser, NOT the app.
    -Leave the email/password areas blank.
    -Click the Create Account button.
    -Enter your library barcode number, click Validate.
    -Enter your email address/password/name (first name is fine), click Create Account.
     IMPORTANT: The email account used to create this account must be the same email address used in step 2.

  2. Create an account at Zinio.com. This is where you will read your magazines.
    (If you already have a Zinio account, skip this step)
    -From the Library's Zinio site, follow the instructions to create a Zinio account or connect to Zinio.com using your browser, NOT the app.
    -Click Register and create an account. IMPORTANT: The email account used to create this account must be the same email address used in Step 1.

  3. Activate your Library Zinio account.
     -Check your email account for an email from RB Digital Portal.
    -Click on the link to activate your account.
    -The email is sent from “Your Library” so if you don’t see it right away, check your junk mail or spam folder.
    The link will begin with https://rbdg.envionsoftware.com…
    -On the rbdigital page click return to Login and login to your new Zinio account using email address and password.
    -This link will direct you to the location with magazines available for free from Burlington Public Library.

  4. Install the Zinio app on your mobile device or PC or Mac.
    -Download the Zinio app for iPad iPhoneAndroid | Kindle Fire | Blackberry Playbook | PC or Mac |
    -Open the app and tap the settings icon.
    -Sign in with your email address and password. 

    There is no app for the Nook Tablet, Nook HD or ebook readers such as the Kindle, Nook Simple Touch or Sony. eBook readers without a browser are not compatible. Nook Color and Nook Tablet users may use the browser to connect and read magazines online. 

    If you need more help setting up an account - See the User Guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up an account.  Click here to watch the How to Use Zinio video.

How It Works?- If you Already Have Accounts:

Select a Magazine:
-Connect to the library's Zinio site using your browser, NOT the app.
-Log in with your email address and password.
-Click on a magazine to place it in your Zinio account.
-A new window will open asking you to log in to your Zinio account.
-Click "sign in here" and sign in to your account.
-The magazine you selected will be in your Zinio account. Click on it to start reading.

Select More Than One Magazine:
-Follow the instructions above to place a magazine in your Zinio account.
-Click on the tab "Return to Library Collection"
-Click on another magazine.
-The tab with "My Library" will turn orange.
-Continue to select magazines.
-Go to the "My Library" tab (your Zinio account) to read them.

Read Your Magazines Online Using a Computer or Laptop:
-Connect to Zinio.com using your browser.
-Log in to your Zinio account.
-Click "My Library" or "Read"
-Click one of your magazines to open it.

Read Your Magazines using a Mobile Device:
-Open the Zinio app on your mobile device or PC or Mac
Magazines that are faint with a down arrow need to be downloaded, tap the arrow to begin downloading.
IMPORTANT: Your must be online to download the magazines.
-When the download is complete you can read the magazine offline.
-Only magazines that have been downloaded through the app (for PC, Mac or mobile device) can be read offline.

Read Your Magazine Offline Using a Computer or Mobile Device:
-From a computer that is offline- use the Zinio Reader 4 app for PC or Mac. Remember to download the magazine to the app while you're still online.
-From a mobile device that is online or offline- use the Zinio app. Remember to download the magazine to your device while you're still online.  

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. What apps are available? 
    Zinio Apps are available for the following devices:
    iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook, PC or Mac.

    Zinio apps are not available for the NOOK Color or Tablet. Barnes and Noble does not allow the Zinio app to be downloaded for their app store. Zinio may be accessible through the browser depending on the memory of your NOOK.

    The Zinio reader will download automatically to your PC or Mac or you can use your mobile device.

  2. Why do I need to log in twice?
    Your first login is to show that you have a library card from Burlington Public Library, so you can add subscriptions for free. The second is the Zinio login so you can use their site.

  3. How do I check out a magazine?
    Check out magazine from the library's Zinio site.
    Use your browser (not the app) to go to the library's Zinio site and follow the steps above to log in and select a magazine.

  4. How do I read a magazine that I have checked out?
    Read magazines from your Zinio account on your computer or mobile device.
    -From a computer that is online, connect to your Zinio account. Log in then click My Library or Read.
    -From a computer that is offline, use the Zinio Reader 4 app for PC or Mac. Remember to download the magazine to the app while you're still online.
    -From a mobile device that is online or offline, use the Zinio app. Remember to download the magazine to your device while you're still online.

  5. How do I remove magazine issues from my Zinio account?
    -Connect to your Zinio account using your browser (not the app).
    -Log in and click My LiIbrary or Read.
    -Click the Edit button near the top of the screen.
    -Click the Remove button under each issue.

  6. How long can I keep the magazine(s)?
    There is no checkout period-you get to keep it as long as you like. When you are done reading you may delete the issue if you choose.

  7. What if someone else has the issue I want to read?
    There is no limit to the number of users who can "check out" a magazine at one time. Once you have "subscribed," you will be notified via email when a new issue is available. Just remember to access Zinio from the Burlington Library's website to assure free access when you are adding titles to your account.

  8. Can I print from a magazine?
    Print options are determined by the publisher. You may be able to print a single page, a range of pages or none at all. In order to print:
    -Connect to your Zinio account using a computer.
    -Click on My Library then select a magazine.
    -Go to the page you wish to print.
    -Click the Print icon in the bottom left corner.
    -Click the print option that is available.

  9. How do I "unsubscribe" from a Zinio magazine?
    To unsubscribe from a magazine and stop receiving notices about new issues you must remove all issues of the magazine from your Zinio account. To do this:
    -Connect to your Zinio account from a computer.
    -Log in and click My Library.
    -Click the dropdown arrow in the View box to select the title of the subscription you wish to cancel.
    -Click the Edit button near the top of the screen.
    -Click the Remove button under each issue.

  10. Can I use Zinio from home?
    Yes. Go to the Burlington Library's Online Resources and Databases to find the Zinio link. When you click on it, you will be prompted to enter your Burlington Library card number. After that, you will login in to your Zinio account with the username and password you chose when you created your account.

  11. Can I go straight to the Zinio.com site?
    Yes, you can go directly to the site, where you will need to login to your Zinio account. Also be aware that to subscribe for free to a magazine, you must enter from the Burlington Library access. 

Additional Helpful Hints

Help with Zinio - Frequently Asked Questions from the Zinio site.

FAQ from the Library Zinio site- Frequently asked questions from the Library's Zinio site.

Zinio User Guide - Step-by-step instructions on setting up an account.

How to Use Zinio Video - Instructional video on how to use Zinio from the Zinio site. 

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